A Tribble Has Landed



(ITP Physical Computing. Todd H.)
About the project:

Caleb Clark, James Daher, and Klara Palotai present a Tribble. Gently hold it and apply pressure to its fur to find out what it likes (purr) and dislikes (grrr).

This project explores the bond between humans and Tribbles via sensory input and pseudo-emotional feedback. Through interaction the user begins to understand the topology of this featureless alien and hopefully considers the prospect of human/technology emotional bonds.

About Tribbles:

On the 29th of December 1967 the original Star Trek TV show unveiled this curious creature in the “Trouble for Tribbles” episode. The Federation first encountered Tribbles on space station K-7 on Stardate 4523.3. Tribbles are harmless and love humans (but hate Klingons). They are asexual and born pregnant. They reproduce depending on the amount of food available.