Overheard in New York City on the streets and at ITP

Overheard in New York City and Tisch ITP

At NYU Tisch ITP

‘Hey Jeesun, before I kill myself, can you look at my code?”

“What happens with me and programming is that I slam into walls, which is funny because I move at a snail’s pace.”

Teacher: “Why do we have to use dollar signs in front of our variables?”¬†Student: “Because they are worth so much!”

“This is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life!!!” Student enjoying a free plate of sashmi, proscuitto, sun dried tomatoes, olives, veggies, bread, and chocolates that had been dropped off from a fancy shindig upstairs.

“It’s a fucking air bladder on a whistle, I thought it was digital!”
Student after taking apart a toy from Kmart that made cool noises.

“Why are you making me flunk!?”
Said to ER worker who was trying to close the floor at midnight during mid-terms:

“That’s such a cool interface….I’m such a dork”

“If we knew how our brains really worked, then we could just all go home.” Dan shiffman.

‘I hate AI,” Red burns in 2006 applications class

“I don’t pick my class speakers so you’ll like them. I pick them to expose you to all the different things you can do after school.” Red burns in 2006 applications class

“It’s icky to prowl on heards you’ve all ready picked through.” Anonomous.

On The Streets of NYC

“There’s nothing wrong with my fucking lox, Do I look Asian! You’re not Asian!” A Young well dressed woman who was also well boozed.

“O look, a NYC pet.” Tourists seeing rats on the subway rails.