Glad we insulated this old house in Vermont, basement to attic. Good payback.


I’m glad we insulated the crap out of most of the 1300 square feet of this 1907 house. Plus the full basement. I’ll tell you why.

Today was bitter cold, about 5 degrees all day, not counting wind. But it was sunny. With Laura and baby Shaw gone, I turned down the thermostat to 55 and went to work at 7:15am for an early meeting. I came home at 6:30pm figuring the house would be at 55 degrees. To my surprise the downstairs was 56 and the upstairs was 59! I could feel the warmth on the south side rooms especially. We don’t have big windows, but we keep them clean and unobstructed for solar gain. Amazing!

We did do about 7K worth of insulating over two years, lots ourselves to save money. We got about $2500 back in rebates.

Now we use about 350 gallons (Roughly $1200/yr at 3.50 a gallon), for heat and hot water. We have a boiler that does our hot water for sinks and showers even in summer, with no storage tank, and heat. It’s not efficient, but it is at least a good model from early 2000. We’re working on getting a hybrid heat pump water heater next month.

When we bought the house, they used 750 gallons a year! So far, so good.