boing boing traffic for tiny house post

The Tiny (ish) house project has been Boing Boinged


My tiny (ish) house blog made it on, It was quite a rush to see my blog go from about 50 visitors a day to more then 20,000! BoingBoing is top 5 in the world for blog traffic, so it makes sense.

boing boing traffic for tiny house post traffic for tiny house post

Here’s what went down when the post went live:

  • The tenant of the tiny house, an IT guy, emailed me in in about 14 minutes since he happened to catch the post on an RSS feed on BoingBoing. He said it was surreal to realize he was looking at the house he lived in on a blog he reads every day.
  • On Facebook, a friend posted that they’d seen it within minutes as well.
  • I watched 30 to 50 people on my public Google spreadsheet for a couple of days.
  • I resisted the temptation to respond to flame bait comments on the BoingBoing post.
  • I approved a score of comments that came in on my blog.
  • My server hit it’s 40GB limit of bandwidth about three hours after it went live and refused more visits. I called my sysadmin and had it tripled to 150GB and it held.
  • Reddit was surprising as a traffic source.
  • I made $5 on ads.
  • A couple of cool people asked to blog my page and use a photo or two.