1997-2000 Student Work


Masters Thesis. “Co-Discovery Usability Testing with Children.” Usability tested a children’s CD-ROM using picture in picture video monitoring and data analysis. Download PDF. 1999

Emuse. A structured writing tool. 
Co-creator and manager of Web site with 600+ users making stories outlines. A structured writing tool for creating outlines based on the work of Joseph Campbell’s The Hero With a Thousand Faces. Uses a backend FileMaker Pro database to save users work.


learnlets screenshotLearnlets
A website of short tutorials about computer skills.”Small doses of knowledge for a fast paced world.” 1997
IT the Identity ToolI.T. The Identity Tool
A Web-based prompted writing tool that helped people create an online identity. 1998


Plocktau's Quest For NorthPlocktou’s Quest For North. My First EdTech Tutorial using Macromedia Director. An alien teaches how to find the north star. 1997






How To Take The SDSU EdTech (now LDT) Comprehensive Exams Standing Up. 1999

Literature Review: Think Aloud Usability Testing.1999

How Was Your Week? Tips for Hosting Online Communities. 1998

Using Personal Narrative to Grow Strong Online Learning Communities. SDSU. 1998

Learning how to learn, exploration, and decentralized teaching of beginning computer skills at the college level. 1997

The Humanizing Effects of Email on K-12 Education. 1997

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