2006-2008 Student Work

Thesis: Born Dropped Out, The Hippie Kid Stories.
An experiment in new interfaces for documentary video as part of an NYU ITP Masters Thesis. Users explored a website of unedited short videos of children of hippies who recorded themselves on video answering the same 20 questions. Project was Covered by Boing Boing and The Atlantic. Download PDF of Paper | Documentary made from interviews on YouTube. May 2008.

hippie kid stories screenshot


The Green Helmet: Solar safety bike helmet
A solar powered, safety lit, weatherproof bike helmet.
Instructable (featured). 2007

The green helmet solar bike helmet


TechTrek TV
18 episodes of a video blogging show I co-created and produced with with fellow students . Link to Episodes in Blip.tv. 2007/2008

blip screenshot1

A Tribble
Physical Computing Project with two fellow students. Furry, purred when petted, made sounds. Improved on the original in that is wasn’t asexual so it didn’t procreate like Star Trek Tribbles.





2FerCam. Picture in Picture Camera rig.
Camera rig for hands-free operation of small video camera that enabled both people in an interview to be seen at once. Used flexpipe, a make-up mirror and harmonica holder. Instructable. 2007.

camera with mirror pic in pic


Cong: COoperative POng Game
Programmed a version of the classic Pong game to be based on cooperation. The goal of the game was to get the balls to collide in the middle. Paddles moved constantly up and down. Users pushed a button that released the balls from the paddles toward the center. If both users timed it right, via practice, or hopefully by communicating and cooperating, they BOTH got a point. The next round the paddles would move faster. 2008.

cong game screen shot


Mars Ball. A spaceship idea.
Prototype design for a Mars transportation and colonization module. Provided both a green house, house, and shaded porch. 2006mars ball design

DIY_Squared: A paper on the effect of the Web on the diffusion of how-to knowledge in terms of ingredients, capabilities, costs and instructions. Final Paper. Clay Shirky’s User Generated Class. NYU, Tisch ITP. Download PDF.

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