2008 Journal Article: “A Wiki Way of Working”

A Wiki Way of Working. Internet Reference Services Quarterly. Volume: 13 Issue: 1. DOI: 10.1300/J136v13n01_07. Caleb John Clarkab & Emily B. Masonc. pages 113-132 2008. Written while working at Antioch University New England’s Library Media Services. \


This article describes how three digital tools are used in combination at a small graduate school library to create a “Wiki Way of Working.” The evolution and usage of three “wiki-like” working protocols are detailed; a shared server space with read/write permissions for all staff, an online employee schedule that all staff can edit independently, and an editable training and knowledge management wiki. Focus is on the creation of the wiki and lessons learned. A literature review explores the current usage of wiki technology and how wikis are a return to some of the founding ideas behind early hypertext and the invention of the Web.

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