2008 – Present: Marlboro College Learning Experience Design Work

I design and maintain the pedagogy and template for all courses (30-50) in the Moodle LMS used by Marlboro College’s graduate school. The key design features are:

  1. Participant Photos. 
  2. Forum: Help (-ing each other). The “steam valve” for the course. A force subscribed forum for all students and faculty that is designed to reduce frustration and isolation. Any student can start a thread, and all students and faculty get every post. Faculty consistently report success using it.
  3. Forum: Official Announcements. Faculty policy is to use this forum for all course communications vs email. This results in a log of communications. This forum is force subscribed, and only the faculty can post.
  4. Constant nudging to our Faculty Best Practices
  5. A consistent two column “long scroll” with pre-entered dates.
  6. A “Dashboard” of important links.

2014 version MoodleCourseTemplate2014

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