Public E-Portfolios for College Students: Best Practices

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Best Practices: Public E-Portfolio for College Students

highlights page from my e-portfolio

Screen shot of my portfolio highlights page

  • Document, document, document. Capture all your work via still photos, videos, and screen captures as soon as you are done. 
  • Backup: Backup all your text and media in a folder in the cloud. That way you can transition to any platform with ease.
  • Focus your portfolio on the one thing you are most interested in/good at. Don’t look like a Jack, or Jane, of all trades. Put other skills besides your main interest in hobbies or further down your portfolio and resume. Prove you can do the work, not that you’re an artist or a jack of all trades.
  • User test with people! This is also a smart way to make contact with a person you want to hire you. By asking them for feedback and communicating that you respect their work and opinion you are also showing them your work on your portfolio because you are asking them for feedback on it.
  • Learn the Rule of Thirds, three-point lighting, and microphone proximity because people expect even cell phones to make very good photos and videos.
  • As a student, you’re not expected to have a lot of work, and that’s okay. Put what you’ve learned, especially from your mistakes, and documentation of what you have done.
  • Everyone hates their own portfolio. But keep documenting your best work and putting there, and in a backup folder.
  • Design your e-portfolio to your craft. If you’re a filmmaker, but videos in something like Squarespace. If you’re into writing, put a bare-bones portfolio with PDFs of your work and a well-written bio and all text on the site typo-free
    • If you’re into web design, make your site show you can do a great website and code
    • If you’re a poly ski person, put your papers, maybe a monthly blog on your thoughts on current events,
    • If you’re a ceramics, put amazing photos of your best work, and you doing it as well.
  • Don’t change template colors without knowing about color palettes.
  • Ask for LinkedIn testimonials, then copy them to your resume and portfolio.
  • Join the LinkedIn alumni network for the college, to see who works at places you may be going for that is an alumnus.
  • Course Materials



  • Presentation SmartPhone Capture Skills
  • Color theory. Don’t let the flowers fool you, she’s good!


  • best overall: (Free trial, $5 a month, beautiful)
  •,   Great for creatives
  • Bloggers, writers, and anyone who wants to learn Content Mangement Systems and website production as it’s the most used platform on the Web.
  • Marlboro’s WordPress installation. Programmers and geeks interested in content management systems (CMSes). Log in here with your Marlboro UN and PW and you’ll have a blog.
  •, basic, free, easy and not too bad.

highlights page from my e-portfolio

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