The Hobbit: Review of 48 fps “HFR” 3D IMAX version

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Made the Sun. Dec 16th, 2012 showing of The Hobbit in New York City at the Lowes 34th Street theater. HFR, 3D, IMAX screen with my wife. We had good seats in the front by the aisle before the last set of seats that are very close.


  • The movie went by fast, and I thought it was good. I had expected it to be worse, from hearing the mediocre reviews.
  • It lacked some of the heart of the Lord of The Rings movies, seemingly to skim over some times when I wanted some real emotional connections, vs stereotypical chunks of humor or meaning.
  • The 3D was very good, not over the top and set up for certain special “Spear throwing” scenes or the like. If you looked at the very edges of the screen the image did seem to be a hole into a new world.
  • The brights looked too bright, almost like reality, when the sun blinds you on snow, etc. But it felt almost video like, not “film”
  • I REALLY want to see the difference between 48 frames per second and 24, while NOT in 3D. The glasses are hard to handle with the cheap lenses.

More on the subject from those WAY more into than I in the Gizmodo article on HFR Failings and see the link to Vulture critic round up and the NYT long Review.

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