Maine Media Workshops HDSLR Storytelling with Brian Kaufman

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This is a video I made during a week long HDSLR workshop. It was fantastic, despite having a savage cold. The class was very small with 4 folks, vs the normal 10-15, so we got a lot of individual attention. I re-learned how to shoot with SLRs (Canon 5D Mark II) with lots of different lenses and mics. We had endless equipment. I found it hard to re-learn how to focus and zoom on the fly to frame shots with the fixed viewscreen, and use different lenses and mics. It was especially hard to focus on the story and the new equipment at the same time. One more reason that supports the saying that “the best camera is the one you have,” and I’d add that the best camera is also the one you know to use. Maine Media Lab Website

For my story, I found a local couple who are professional pirates and interviewed them at their house and on their boat. I was very hard for me to focus on learning when I knew everybody’s work from all the workshops (RED camera usage, fall foliage photography) would be shown publicly right after the Friday lobster party. I just tried to focus on learning and making mistakes and experimenting, and not focus my energy on the quality of the product. I failed, but tried.

The course was taught by Brian Kaufman. He focuses on using timeless storytelling editing techniques and the use of creative B-Roll shots. He went to Brooks Institute of Photography and started using HDSLRs for video when they came out. He’s won some Emmy’s recently. Some samples of his style are below.

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