My platform If I Was President


If I was running for president, this would be my platform:

  • Our future strength depends on mastering change. Keep what has worked well, add what works better. Ground our values in freedom, work, community, respect, learning and leading. We face a fast and intense future, our minds must be open to new things, however strange they may be, as long they are positive additions to our society.
  • Training, education, and R&D are the foundation of a strong workforce, military and economy.
  • Security and foreign policy need to focus on modernizing, cyberizing, and social engineering.
  • The free market should be supported and also referred on a level playing field by clear and simple regulation.
  • Basic health care and education belong in the same area as police and fire. Basic service doctors need stable pay so they are tempted by pay by service. Elective surgery and procedures should be in the free market, and for cash.
  • Public schools need our help to focus on teaching and learning. Discipline needs to be elsewhere, and funded by society as a separate line item. But you can always come to your local public school if you do not keep others from teaching and learning.
  • Low interest school loans and IBR rock.

2 thoughts on “My platform If I Was President

  1. Hitting on lots of good points here. Stop blaming teachers people! Lets all figure it out.
    Exciting times even if scary ones since so much can now be reported on a global level. The good, bad and truly ugly.
    “…do not keep others from teaching and learning”.  There will be solutions as time goes on, I am a optimist..
    Should be working on final things..I know. 

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