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Cloud Folios

Cloud based academic portfolios (we call them Cloud Folios) are working for us in higher education and K-12. But they are hard to start! I’ll go over our lessons learning and ask you to share your own experiences and questions.

Marlboro College Graduate School has found that the cloud’s improved collaboration, publication, and privacy tools increase the teaching possibilities of an e-portfolio, both throughout a program, and after a student graduates.

We’re using them for:
– A new TESOL program, during studies to reflect and document, after to get a job.
– All Capstone Thesis reflection and documentation in several graduate programs.
– Teacher training portfolio for licensure with the State of Vermont
– Professional portfolios to aid graduates job searches.
– An Undergraduate “u online” class about personal portfolios for graduate applications and jobs.
– K-12 technology integration in two middle schools of student’s academic portfolios.

Questions Answered

  1. What’s the hardest part about implementing an e-portfolio?
  2. Best practices for control, ownership, achieving, and sharing of e-portfolios and templates.
  3. Where can I get open source e-portfolio templates for Google Sites.


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