Baby Strollers We Love: Old Italian Pram and Old Jogging Tricycle.

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The Italian Super Pram/Rolling Crib/Carraige/Laundry holder.

The Italian Super Pram/Rolling Crib/Carriage/Laundry holder.

We LOVE this old pram. It’s a Peg-Perego Pram from Italy in the 1970s we think. Got it for $80 at an antique store after talking them down for a few weeks.  Amazing suspension! Can handle 8″ drops, and rocks him to sleep while in the house.

Italian super Perego pram/crib/dresser

Italian super Perego pram/crib/dresser

Very high off the ground so we use it as a rolling crib, or a traveling crib/stroller. He can be in the kitchen with us while we cook dinner, but way off the floor and safe, then back in the living room. The back third of the bed props up or lays flat. Doubles as a laundry storage underneath and sometimes inside.

Italian super Perego pram/crib/dresser at table

Italian super Perego pram/crib/dresser at tabl

We can then move it into the dining room so he can see us during meals. And then move it to widows with good views. The wicker part comes off, and it also actually folds up a bit too, but only a bit. We have to put it mostly on the roof of our car.

Our used Baby Jogger II-16 in our garden

Our used Baby Jogger II-16 in our garden

The older aluminum/canvas tricycle, a Baby Jogger II-16, was $45 used. Made for older kids, but we put in blankets to keep him from slouching too much. Big wheels, far apart, front tire has rear forks for front stress strength, very stable. Has done a cow field and the beach without bogging down. Holds up to 75lbs. Folds flat, but not for one handed carrying.

Both have large diameter tires, so big holes, sand, mud are not an issue because of the diameter of the wheels (like Land Rovers, Hummers, pro mountain bikes).

We also have an old Greco small-wheeled regular plastic carriage that will take our car seat. That is it’s main selling point, and that it points the baby towards us so we can all see each other. It’s functional on most side-walk like surfaces, but pretty plasticy.

I have a friend who works at Bumble Ride and recently confessed to being a “Stroller nerd.” Didn’t know there was such a thing, but I believe him, he was always passionate about his work. Maybe if one of these fails, we’ll get a modern one, but I definitely like tricycles over the four wheeled ones if the wheels are small.

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