Arms up

Baby Shaw's Lessons Learning

(By Laura)

Pushing up on his arms enthusiastically now. With the right toy before him, the minutes pass untallied.

Week fourteen brought us the rattle and the musical mobile, courtesy of grandma Betty. The rattle is a ridiculously big hit. I think it will be one of those toys that causes him to grow a lot, physically and cognitively. He adored the music, too. I must sing to him more. He seems to appreciate music at close range. I don’t perceive that he notices it playing from the radio. But singing, and music boxes overhead: rapture.
Now on the cusp of sixteen weeks we have been introduced to the pleasures of lip-buzzing. “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” on the lips is a wonder of the world, apparently.

Watching him in the arms of other women is a joy of mine. To see who he is, in the world. I am touched by how intently he gazes my way…occasionally, haha. I hope he will forever be so comfortable in his own skin when he is among others.

Things to remember and not underestimate: the power of going outdoors, in arms, to gaze at the surroundings. Singing to him. Play every day, making eye contact. See him.

I wonder if I am letting him go too much out of fear of exhaustion. That I will miss SEEING for having my mind on the next escape. Maybe it is a good argument for structured time away, so my attention with him can be wholly attuned. But then again, he is not the sun. To be nurtured is vital; to be orbited is not.

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