Breastfeeding Roller Coaster

Baby Shaw's Lessons Learning

(By Laura)

  • 4/29 Colostrum honeymoon. Begin side-lying at night and reclined cradle hold during the day.
  • 5/3 Milk-coming-in engorgement, expressing, heat/cold?, calls to midwives, failure to latch making nighttimes horrible. Planted his precious tree after a desperation nurse standing in the backyard. Strained smiles in the photo?
  • 5/4 Libby visits before her gig, Caleb out, challenging evening ending in epiphany about going with the newborn’s flow.
  • 5/6 Lucinda visits, things have calmed after I pumped several times to ease engorgement.
  • ?week of 5/20…I begin sitting up to nurse round the clock to combat choking and sputtering…notice “white knuckling” the upper lip…At some point I must notice creased nipples…
  • 5/24 First Thursday Newbies gathering. Mama Jane recommends laid-back nursing to combat choking and sputtering. It’s awkward to do.
  • 5/26 weekend. Catskills. Throat clearing at night freaks me out. Anji confirms that it’s a good reflex that means he’s keeping milk out of his trachea!! We argue over how to prop him up to sleep.
  • 5/29 Abby and I go to MamaBaby group to check in with Lucinda. Sore nipples, theory of waiting for milk production to die down.
  • 5/31 Thursday Newbies at our house, all report TOO MUCH MILK!
  • 6/4 Comment on 45-minutes at the breast to midwives Rebecca and Megan.
  • 6/6 Really sore nipples. Talk with Dawn Kersula at BMH New Moms group. She suggests laid-back nursing to ease the fight against forceful let-down.
  • 6/8 REALLY sore nipples. Vasospasm. Air them out in the car on the way to the beach. Anat, breastfeeding advisor extraordinaire, points out shallow suck and questionable latch.
  • 6/12 Dawn (lactation consultant) appointment!
  • 6/17 dilemma over whom to consult first: Wilson or Kotlow
  • 6/18 Wilson. Snip snip. Gurgling, saliva, sleep, crank. Questioning the speediness, lack of follow-up, professional judgement.
  • 6/21 and thenceforth, Aimee. We learn the sideways football hold, learn about pulling in the shoulders, recommit to reclining, resume side-lying, much to my nighttime relief. Agree to remove him from the nipple if I feel flattening.
  • 7/9 Kotlow. At last, soreness, compression and flattening are abating! Stretching traumatizes us all, but so far (7/15) no red line (sign of reattachment).

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