Baby Shaw's Lessons Learning

(By Laura)

Having a lot of thoughts lately about how challenging it is for us new parents to be living in our houses isolated from one another. Extrapolate that thought to include our family structure and community structure in general…We have been so grateful for our friends who contributed to our meal train and groups of people who have chosen to gather around this baby intention. I was sad to hear a friend from New York say that such community doesn’t really exist in her sphere in NYC. One of the benefits of living in a smaller town is that community can grow with ease. The people in your birth class will likely be the people doing yoga alongside you and the people who live within a short distance from you. You will run into them and their children in common spaces and on the street. You will follow their growth without even trying. You will share memories you didn’t have to plan to create. Your lives will intertwine by virtue of you living them. With luck, in 20 years, you’ll look up and see a friend who’ll say they knew you when.

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