Gems from the first five weeks

Baby Shaw's Lessons Learning

(By Laura)

Squeaker, Little Bean, Little One, Baby Shaw, Little Duck (testament to great latch!)
big hands
fighting in the middle of the night over breastfeeding positioning
throat gurgling – milk near trachea
awaiting Poopocalypse 2012
Play dates with friends and their babies and big kids – one-year-olds!
plugged tear ducts end of week 2. last for 3 days. cured with breast milk and massaging ducts.
notice occasional green poo during ?second week. too much foremilk, not enough hindmilk? Gas due to immature digestion? Food sensitivity? We experiment with diet (milk, almonds, peanut butter not a problem). at least a green poo per day in second half of May. 
I totally understand why some teenage girls want a baby. I had this epiphany while walking around the house babbling into Shaw’s ear, trying to expose him to a wide variety of language:) I realized that I had a totally neutral, captive audience. He would listen to everything I said and it would all have an impact on him. He wouldn’t judge me; if anything, he would unconditionally LOVE me. He would even NEED me, no matter how dumb the stuff was that I was saying. Powerful stuff.  
Colors pop, searching for words for the little one’s new little ears to hear for the first time. Slick rock shines brighter, green leaves rustle more subtly. As he awakens to the world, the whole world bears noticing and describing. 
It’s all so fleeting I can scarcely remember what was from the first FIVE and what was from the most recent one. I don’t remember the first night. I remember watching Mad Men the second night in bed, with the computer, tension between adults resulting in one thing we could both take refuge in: TV. Holding the little one in my lap, minutes would go by where I would scarcely even think about him! Weird. Swept into Mad Men world, I could really escape. 
I can remember midwife visits, punctuating the time: 24 hours, 72 hours, 7 days, 14 days (became 18 days), one month. Anji measuring his head (14 cm and change the day after), noting the jaundice. Anji checking my stitches, reminding me to lay low, weighing him (8 lbs 3 oz), heel prick newborn screening for multiple diseases. Lucinda, likely sent because of milk-coming-in woes. She lent us her homemade mai-tai carrier, which I liked because of its streamlined nature but I felt Shaw was a little squashed by. Back up to 8 lbs 8 oz. Two weeker by Anji, 11 lbs 6 oz. One month by Anji, 12 lbs? 6/4 Dr. Goldberg, 12 lbs 8 oz with cloth diaper!

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