Shart Attack

Baby Shaw's Lessons Learning

(By Laura)
Some naked time after a change. Caleb showing him the view out a window, he sharts on my hands, shorts, floor and into the baseboard heater. Back in bed, I sit up against the wall, prop my bended knees up on a wedge pillow and set Shaw facing me in the crook of my thighs with his bum in my lap. I begin to read a new issue of TR magazine while Laura takes a much needed nap. A few minutes later, Shaw sharts again, luckily into a paper towel temporary diaper, and passes out after a few calisthenics and flailing stretches. Joking that he’ll probably pee on me next, Laura fades off. 15 minutes later, pee erupts into his blanket and out of side onto my magazine. I’m wet in my crotch, he’s actually managed to get pee in my underwear and his in on motion! He passes out after a massive yawn. I decide to ignore it to keep Laura from waking up. I sit, wet and slimy, reading.  11 minutes later, he spits up, then erupts in a sneeze/cough that shoots milk out his nose. This effort requires a 15 minute nap on his part. 5 minutes later, his first booger explodes out of his nose. He passes out happy that I’ve cleaned it. Laura wakes after an hour. It was a wonderful hour! Soon after changing, nursing and a family lunch in bed, the entire family proceeds to all fart, leak, shart, and stomach gurgle syphonically together.

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