Preg Week 32: Roller Coaster

Baby Shaw's Lessons Learning

Quite a roller coaster on the inside these days! Emotional roller coaster for Laura, baby is behaving like a physical roller coaster, lumping and poking and sticking out in all directions a lot of the time. 

Anything but nesting feels like a pretty large hassle. Craving time at home and with Caleb. We are sweet together these days, lots of snuggling and looking out for each other. It feels like a wonderful place to go through labor and start the journey of us being three. My sentimentality trigger is on high as I both can’t wait for the experience of labor and welcoming the new person, learning how to care for him or her; and simultaneously wish that we could stay in a state of suspended anticipation, love, attentiveness, sweetness. In other words, I am relishing this special time. 

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