December dreamin'

Baby Shaw's Lessons Learning

(By Laura)

First vivid baby dream…characteristically for a Laura dream, really weird!  So it’s the evening after the baby was born (in the morning) and I had to leave it at day care already, and I FORGOT about her. Until, like, the next morning. I’m thinking, she’s going to be squalling and hungry or dead, and I race over. She’s fine, no worse for the wear except really sweaty; her nighty-onesie thing is soaked through her back. No one seems concerned or judgmental so I relax, take care of her, fix her up…and then have to leave again. I’m dying to not leave, but I have to. That afternoon I return in a more prompt fashion to reconnect.  this time the baby is actually an almost-toddler boy, which I sort of realized at the time but didn’t quite put together. He was in a bucket of water, submerged up to his neck, and although I felt alarmed I talked myself down. He was smiling, other kids were playing in water and doing similarly bizarre forms of play, and the day care provider and her assistants were calm and had their eyes on everyone. I pulled him out of the bucket and got him changed into dry clothes, and we started walking and talking and playing. Finally I said to the day care provider, “You know, I think my baby is a girl, and she’s a newborn, so she wouldn’t be like this yet [verbal, responsive, engaging]. Where is she?” Then I woke up.

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