Tiny House Construction

From the third week of Oct. until Oct. 29th, it was a big push. We hired Rick and Dylan even more. Rick built a great railing from the left over yellow pine 2″x6″ salvaged wood. It had to be to fire code, so it looked huge. Rick also did the window frame, in of course…pine! We found some excellent low grade boards with few knots, but we like knots anyway. Rick really understood our “cabin” astetic and “done is better than perfect” mentality along with “use used whenever possible,” credo.

We decided to buy at least one new thing for ourselves, a gas stove! This way we could put our used gas stove in the tiny house. We got a good one for $520 with a real broiler and different sized burners. The gas guys came and hooked both up. The Danby Engery Start bottom freezer fridge arrived and Laura and I picked up both the stove and fridge in the Subaru Forester, in two trips. The gas guys came, all in a rush since their company had new owners. But they hooked everything up and it all worked!

I got everyone out three days before the tenant was arriving and with Junio’s help, sanded and put two coats of water-based poly on the floors. I didn’t sand between. But I did vacuum and mop very carefully. Laura and I cleaned until late at night on the 28th. We also touched up the paint, bleached the cabinates, and put a second coat of marine varnish on the shower and kitchen wood.

The tenants moved in just as a VERY unusual snow storm of 14 inches hit us that night. He was only able to make one trip. But he was warm, even if he only has some of his stuff. The week since he’s been in we’ve managed to clean up the hard, build a basic walk way with all remaining scrap 2″x4″s, and have Rick sneak in and build a bathroom door out of , you guessed it, shiplap! We used scrap wood on the crawl space cover, and have very little scrap left. I hooked up an CAT6 Ethernet line in the extra PVC I ran to our modem in the big house and upped our Internet speed so we can share. When I did, I found that the crawl space is already wet on the wood and side walls. I do need to put down a layer of 6mil plastic, but it’s only about $38. Speaking of money, we’re hitting close to 50K on the house. Mostly labor driving us over by continuing to have others work so we can move fast, and by doing things like the fan, washer dryer, etc. with expensive electricians and plumbers.

On Nov. 2nd we had our Efficiency Vermont inspection. Jenn did a blower door test and took all kinds of notes on every appliance and light. She took measurements and then did the blower door test. She said, “188CFM 50 on the ‘C’ ring, I’ve never had to use the ‘C’ ring before!” so it’s TIGHT.

On Nov. 7th our check came from the town for $3000.00. We expect Efficiency Vermont’s check within a month and we’re exploring federal tax breaks.



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