Tiny Dancer Party

Fear and loathing

Tiny House Construction

I’ve not posted mostly due to being too busy! We’re down to the wire. A week ago I couldn’t sleep after I made a list of what was needed and how much time Gabe and Scott had. I had one night of fear and loathing that involved several trips to my laptop after failed attempts at sleeping. I would go over the lists and the budget and the person-hours. It just wasn’t possible to finish. Then Gabe and worked out that he could leave his tools and his carpenter friend, Rick, could take over. Then I found a local guy named Dylan who needed some assistant type-work. Both of their hourly rates were fair and lower then Gabe and Rick due to having less tools and doing it part time.

Dylan and I were able to finish the second coat of paint. Dylan reminded me that you can mix paints if they are all latex. We mixed four different gallons of salvaged paint and some paint from the basement, all white, antique white or similar. It worked like a charm.

Dawn came and later that day I called Gabe and we worked it out. He’d come for 1.5 more days, and work on he all important stair railing to fire code, and kitchen. Monday came and it all worked out! By Tuesday we had a floor and kitchen in enough for me to finish.

So last week I was running around between my day job and the lumber yard picking up shiplap pine. The entire house, framing, studs, joists, floor, interior walls, loft is ALL pine. And it’s on Pine Street even!

Merrill Gas came with heater on Tuesday. It’s a Rinnai 11,000 BTU jobby for about $1000. It’s wonderful! Small, quiet and when it reaches temperature it just slows way down and keeps a trickle of heat coming out, vs turning off. This makes for a very quiet heater!

I used the nail gun Gabe left to put up more shiplap on the bathroom walls so the plumbers could do their final installation.

Then by Friday the plumbers got the little “low boy” water tank in. It was delayed due to the truck that was bringing it here breaking down. Victor the electrician could now wire for it. I had forgotten that sequence of events wa