Shower won't fit

Shower won't fit, W/D appears, metal is cool

General, Tiny House Construction

Sept. 25 2011: Power is on. Things are getting comical, fast and cool.

  • Comical #1: The poor fiberglass shower stall. It has sat patiently watching construction from its back yard perch for the last 6 months since we bought it used for $100. The shower stall being one, it was brought through the front door – but wait, it didn’t fit! Gabe and Scott were shocked. Andrew and I tried it that night, upside down even, angled, sideways, and no go. The next day the plumbers tried it. No go. It’s THAT close, but no close enough. We could take the trim down, but it’s all pained, leaded, and in. Labor would cost to take it out and put it back. So we’re going with a new shower, $300.00 and will sell the old one.
Shower won't fit

Shower won't fit

  • Comical #2: I love Renew Salvage, but they can be understaffed and unorganized sometimes due to a very tight operating budget I would guess. However, they actually called Friday after all these months of having our supply lists  and said a stackable 24″ wide washer dryer just came in. I drove over after work. It was a Whirlpool in great shape and the dryer is run on propane! This means the it can hook up to the system for the heater and cook stove, and that means the tenant will pay the bill. It was $400, about $700 cheaper than a new one. So while were not planning on buying one this year and letting the tenant either buy one themselves or use ours, we bought it.
Stackable washer dryer

Stackable washer dryer

  • Fast: The loft and stairs went in very fast. We’re keeping them raw wood, maybe with something like Poly on the loft floor, Tung oil on railings and such and maybe nothing on the stairs for now. The stairs seem like they will double as a closet and storage and are not a big as we thought.
  • Cool: The metal from the roof of the garage looks great all washed up and on the ceiling. We were four sheets short, so we put new metal in the loft by the bed. The tenant came over and likes it.
Loft, stairs, metal ceiling

Loft, stairs, metal ceiling

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