Got tenant, insulation done, over budget

Tiny House Construction

September 8th, 2011:

  1. We got a tenant! I posted to my work community and someone responded. We met and they are into moving in Oct. 28th and even helping finish little details. They even said they’d by a washer/dryer we could buy off them when they leave. It’s a good fit and we’re excited. I think we might have been able to get more then $775.00/month (tenant pays heat, we pay electric/water), but having a happy tenant is better then a few more dollars right now. Perhaps when it’s all up and running after a year, we’ll reconsider cost.
  2. We’re over budget! No wait, that’s bad. We’re finding that our busy lives, and having a good tenant, means we are more willing to pay to have things done. We intend to mud and paint the sheetrock and put down and finish the pine floors. We’ll see.
  3. Dense pack cellulose is done! Fascinating how they staple up the netting that allows them to pump the cellulose in tight, then they add a second set of huge staples that tightens the netting down even further. The place feels very warm, quiet and smaller.
Cellulose dense pack done

Cellulose dense pack done


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