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July 11th, 2011. Foundation is insulated to r20! It basically sucked as a job, but Laura and reminded our selves when we got cranky and fought that we were saving money, and that hard work feels great for many more days then it takes to do.  It was a two day job during brutally muggy 85 degree plus. We impact drilled holes in the concrete to hold the two staggered layers of 2″ XPS foam. We decided against a nail gun because we wanted to make sure to not destroy the foam, and so we could tighten the force of the screws to just the right tension. We used another drill to put in the the concrete screws with large sheet metal washers we hand punched holes in. And we glued the two layers together as well.  One day we were so spacy from the summer heat that we kept forgetting things at the lumber store, like what we needed, our credit cards, etc. The hardware guys laughed at us. Laura became an expert foam cutter (score and punch) and I rediscovered my impact tool grip and old shoulder injuries.  This foam will not be coming off that wall anytime soon. The framers is starting this week, hopefully, so  it had to be done.

Done Insulating Crawl Space To R20
Done Insulating Crawl Space (2 staggered layers of 2″ XPS foam)


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