Got final plans, salvaged stuff, framing pushed.

General, Tiny House Construction

June 15th, 2011. We have final plans with the new stairway up to firecode. We  did a walk though with our framer Gabe yesterday.  He came over and we went though the plans. He also had bad news. He got sick, which pushed his other job back, which pushed us back to July 15th for him to start. Not much to do about it. We’ll be traveling then for a week, back a week, and then gone a week again. Over the last few weeks we have got a $35 low-flow toilet, a $10 stove hood, .50 a board foot 2x4s at Renew salvage. We’ve also paid the excavator who was on budget. Full Post Here.

New Stairs to fire code from the side.

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