Framer found, kitchen caught.

General, Tiny House Construction

May 27th, 2011. After three estimates around the same price, and some negotiation, we’ve picked a framer! Gabe and crew will start end of June. It’s about 1/4 of our budget to get the house to “weather tight.” We feel this is crucial to be done quickly by a crew, so rain doesn’t damage anything. With the subfloor, roof, walls, windows, doors and siding on, we can work inside slower.  We’ve seen Gabe’s work before in a friends house, and we liked it. He’s a local boy who knows the other contractors well. We’re now gathering salvaged supplies. Laura and got a $35 low flow toilet in good shape from Renew, and 40, 12′ 2′x4′s for $80! We’re stacking them in the back yard. We’re going to keep looking at Renew, until a week before framing starts, and then order everything we’ve not got new. This saves Gabe’s time trying to find salvaged materials. Time is money for sure in this situation. Also today, we found a kitchen! A friend is taking down a small galley kitchen in our neighborhood and we can have all the counters and cabinets if we help him take it down and give him a little money. Full Post.

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