Crowbared hole in main house's foundation

Blasting and Bushes Be Gone

General, Tiny House Construction

A crowbar smashes through our foundation saving hours of work with an impact hammer, and our bushes are donated to neighbors. Jim the excavator returns and we talk after he’s done we Laura and I return from work. As usual, he’s not only a mentor, but a pro. He calls ahead and coaches us on buying Schedule 40, 2″ and 3/4′ Conduit for water and misc. XPS 2″ foam, what stuff we need to move from the edge of the house, and raking the bottom of the foundation until it’s clear of rocks. All before 8am when they arrive.  This is because the two trenches for water and sewer are to be dug and the plumber will be on hand as well. This is a high dollar day if thing takes too much time. That night Laura and I move things in the rain from the edge of our . We wake up at 6:30am to do the rest and it starts pouring rain as soon as we’re dressed and out the door. Laura valiantly decides she’d rather rake the rocks and concrete out of the foundation, and have me drive to Perkins for the supplies. Jim arrives and we go to to work. I get a call at noon that we need more PVC conduit and if got it it would save me money. I arrive at the site with the supplies to find a most excellent thing has happened. Jim was able to use a crowbar to punch a hold through our foundation! This saves me doing it with a rented hammer and backfilling by hand. The slate rock and sandy soil made it possible. And the bushes are gone and he found folks he knows who want them. Full post here.

Bushes Be Gone

Crowbared hole in main house's foundation

Crowbared hole in main house's foundation

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