Electric mulling

General, Tiny House Construction

They are pouring the walls today. The plumber Dale has talked to Brad (their kids are dating) and knows where, and how high, to put the hole for the toilet. We spent a few hours over the weekend discussing, calling Bob, and strolling around the site mulling with my friend Junio, the different approaches to electrical lines to the house. Our maybe electrician was nice enough to check in over the weekend, even though we’ve not settled on an plan with him – as was Bob. We’re poring this morning, so it has to be decided. The variables were where to come into the house through the foundation wall, since they have to put a hole in before they pour, or in a separate trench around the outside of our house, from the point where electric enters our house. Or through our basement in a pipe above the water pipe. And if we want a separate meter, which is 2-3K!. And that has a lot to do with if we want electric baseboard heat, which takes more load, or if we go gas heat/stove we can maybe avoid a separate meter. These variables feed into the long term costs for the tenant, and how we make sure they pay for their heat and electricity. We like gas heaters and stoves but it’s about 2-3K more then simple baseboards. We’ll have to do a spread sheet on actual cost benefits…

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