Poken: How to start a company in terms of customer service


New company Poken seems to be using “customer is king”  customer service. Or are they just desperate?

A conference I’m attending mentioned we could bring our “Pokens.” I looked it up. Pokens are little Flash drives that when touched together transmit contact information the user chooses to share. They are designed to end writing down lots of contact info at conferences for example – just touch and go. You’re in control of what is shared, I would think mostly people would share work emails, blogs, links, Twitter, etc.

While looking into them to see if anyone was using them, I stumbled upon a video of a guy in Canada explaining what lengths Poken went to get him his product from the US the Canada.

Listen past the description of what a Poken is to see how to use one sale to make one person sell your company to many other by treating the customer as king.

I Poken: What Great Customer Service Looks Like


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