Can you hide from yourself anymore?


The information age is often bandied about as a “you are here” sign post on the map of human evolution. I do it often in my graduate classes on educational technology in Vermont, USA. Early adopters in the rich countries of the world are in still adjusting to mobile phones, the Web and Internet. Some others skipped land lines and are grappling with the power of wireless phones, Web with TV, etc.

Tonight I think of hiding. In a world where I can find out how to find out solid, tested, advice on how to find a mate, lose weight, and get job, where do I have to hide?

I now know I should exercise regularly, not harm innocents, treat illness (physical and mental), find love in my life, use community acceptance as a test to how I am doing, stretch more as I get older, take certain supplements, avoid  cheap processed food, and too much sugar, fat, and carbohydrates,  find professionals if I need financial, psychological, medical, legal, help, eat food that is minimally processed, and the list goes on.

So my question remains, where can we hide from ourselves?

I say, very few sane places!

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