Droid X vs HTC Incredible

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I’ve had an iPhone 3. I loved  it. I never like AT&T in Southern Vermont. Dropped calls, dead spots, but most annoyingly, denial from the folks at the local AT&T store about that. But worst of all? AT&T corporate seems top trying to be hip, fair, and a modern company that doesn’t play 1980s fake smile games – but they are not.

So, free of my AT&T contract, I entered “Smart Phone Freeze” mode as I called it. I just couldn’t decide! Is the awesome iPhone 4 worth bad service in Vermont here and not being able to try the Android OS, something I’ve been interested in since it was first mentioned.

Eventually I went with Verizon and Android.

I researched phones, looking specifically for good video with good LED flashes and mics. I believe having a camera that can upload is a huge deal, especially in my vlogging life. I settled on the Droid X, but when I got to the store it was so BIG that I spooked and bought an HTC Incredible.

The Incredible fit in my pocket, set up good, and worked OK. My Mac didn’t see it right  away though and I never figure that out. I soon found the interface a little buggy with things like moving around icons. Then I found out that it records lower quality sound then 44khz and has worse battery life then the Droid X. Also, Motorola uses a pretty pure version of Android, where HTC uses a very customized version.

I traded in my Incredible the next day. It’s bigger, but OK. I hooked to my Mac simpler as an external drive right away. I find the interface easier and the camera better. It also has better placed mics. Got to go make a call!

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