Thoughts on Private Space Entrepreneurs, Industry, Exploration and Sustainability


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I’ve been following the private space industry since I covered the DC-X Launch in 1993 in White Sands, New Mexico and saw rocket lanches and bought stock in SpaceDev before it went private.

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Space is the place! Our backyard beckons. Many doubters persist, ironically often environmentalists. I say ironic, because I feel that biggest gains in sustainable practices will come in a large part from experiences we have in space. Solar panels, recycling (everything), small efficient living space design, weather, crop, and water data, all benifit greatly from knowledge we’ve gained by using satellites and spaceships. If you look at the data, research, benefits of satellites and science in space, and the future of research, sustainability, recycling, solar, mining, I  believe space becomes a natural place.

There’s two other bigger reasons. One, those few humans who’ve seen the earth from orbit almost all report a moment that forever leaves them more sensitzed to our planet as fragile, rare, interconnect system. Two, the radiation soaked, life-as-we-know-it devoid, vacuums of space is a much less negative impact to our environment as a place to mine for ore then a forest in a jungle

Here’s what I’m tracking and why:


Private space companies

Private space companies that trade publically

  • Orbital Sciences (ORB)
  • Astrotech (ASTC)

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