Santa Fe Travel Report


Merry Band. I was in Santa Fe with Laura for spring break for a long overdue visit with my mom and step dad. I took photos and had a few things I wanted pass on for those that may be going to the Santa Fe area.

Trip Photos on Flickr link

The new, as in brand new track and train, from Albuquerque to Santa Fe rocks. It’s called the Rail Runner and every time the doors open, the Road Runner beep-beep sounds. It’s only a few bucks, and takes 1.5 hrs. There’s a free connecting shuttle to the airport.

Tent Rocks is really a wonderful all ages hike. My 70 yr old mother made it to the top in a slow 1.5hr stroll and bit of a hike. 3hrs round trip. Bring water and hats, take your time.

Ojo Caliente, the old hippie hot springs in the rocks, is much more polished, but is still a great hot springs. They have hammocks and shade now, cabins, a store. But you can go for the tubs only and hang out with a book and bring you own cooler of food. I splurged and got my once a year massage. This time I added “Salt Glow” and it’s an exfoliating fantasy come true! Warm organic sunflower oil, mixed with fine grain sea salt and corn meal, is rubbed all over your body like a moisturizing sand paper. I actually glowed for about a day.

April is a great time of year to go, not to hot or blindingly sunny.

El Farol, where I have spend many a dollar in my youth drinking and dancing, is much fancier, with less hard parting and new white table clothes. But the tapas still rock for dinner and if you stay away from drink and desert, not too expensive.  Go with locals on Monday, 30% off.

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