Happy New Year!


2010, the sci-fi year, came in quietly. A nice dinner with my now fiancee, Laura, and some friends, followed by a gathering of six at some other friend’s home. We watched the ball drop, then the Dick Clark show after, mostly full of strange pop stars we didn’t know anything about! The Black Eyed Peas being the exception. Today, sledding.

My resolutions?

  1. To continue to evolve my relationship with Laura positively, with love, and kindness to each other and ourselves.
  2. To simplify and stabilize my personal finances
  3. To dispense, with extreme prejudice, goals that seem only to serve as a vehicle fore which to give myself shit. Case in point, the goal of weighing 165lbs. I’ve hung it around my psychic neck for a decade or so. My resolution is that by the end of 2010, I reach it, change it, or kill it. The wisdom of this can be seen in reader now doubt now asking themselves “he must have a weight problem,” when in fact I really don’t, other then the extra 5 pounds lots of us feel we carry.

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