The Seven Levels of Re-Acclimating to New York City


I’m in New York City for the week. I’ve not lived here for a little more then a year. I’ll be tracking my seven levels of re-acclimation here…

In progress…

Generally my days will look like this: Arriving Yom Kippur weekend. Sun, walking, temple, walking, sun, food, fasting. Then meeting friends for breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks while I work online in between. This coming weekend, a big 30th aniversary set of events for ITP at NYU. I’ll be staying with friends at either a 15th floor upper west side apartment looking at the Hudson, or in Brooklyn’s Park Slope.

  1. Arrival. Wow. This is really an amazing city like I remember. Everyone is so friendly! Thrift stores in Manhattan still have $8 dress shirts that are perfect with helpful staff! You can find food and coffee that is the same price as Vermont. I should live here again!!!
  2. First few days. How does one live here? Oh…my…god, that apartment costs that much!!! Oh, you’re in finance…right…
  3. Next few days…we’ll see. Perhaps…”there sure is a lot of sitting, walking, talking, eating, watching, repeating, going on here socially. What about exploring peopless woods alone? Or yard work? Gardens? …
  4. Is that a Tesla electric sports car? It is! Is that rumor true that Comcast is buying NBC that I just heard at a Video 2.0 Meetup? What a nice job on the new HiLine. Only in NYC!
  5. Ouch, out too late, 3:30am. Almost missed stop on subway dozing. Next day is foggy.
  6. Recovered. Great food. Hydrated. Amazing ITP 30th Gala. Negoponte flew in from Geneva. Home before 1am sober. Feels good. In Brooklyn. Yes, I could live in NYC if it was in a place like Park Slope. Quieter…but the housing costs! OMG…
  7. Made the train on time, getting the subways down again. Got a nice salad for the ride. Survived. What a city!

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