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It soothes my irritating blocked artist rash, aka, “I could have done that!”

The book The Artist’s Way, By Julia Cameron, book is seriously, but in a calm and mellow way, rocking my world for the better. Interestingly, I’ve noticed the positive effects not so much in art production, but in my personal relationships. It helps me get from myself what I tend to want from others inappropriately sometimes. There’s a lot of use of “God” in it, but she puts it out as anything that means to you.

My summary of the book’s main lessons:

  1. 12 weeks
  2. Write, long hand!, on paper! (The physical kind) Every morning first thing. I’m relearning to write again, which is cool. This writing is like some forms of mediating. It is not judged, compassion is high, you aren’t doing anything with the writing, you are not saving it, it’s not a journal, it’s not shown to anyone. It is simply good and anything it simply is.
  3. Little exercises, quotes and writings to get one past the reason for not doing things, the “I could have done that!” reactions to other’s art, the wrong people who sap your energy and enable you to continue to block.

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