Rocket camping near Cape Canaveral, Fl.

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Laura and I are back from an adventurous and somewhat challenging canoe camping trip in a unsung wildlife lagoon right north of Cape Canaveral, Fla. where the rockets blast off from.

Took the train to tiny Deland, Fla, picked up by friends. Park service rents canoes and gives you a good part of your own lagoon island. It’s only a few feet deep except for 6′ channels, only a licensed fishing tour guides and tours allowed. Fish, birds, dolphins, manatees, crabs, plants, all protected, and the ocean to swim in at the ranger station (with fresh water hoses and shade picnic tables).

The pics below are unfiltered and chronological, but if scan through them there’s some good ones in the middle of the lagoon. It’s about 5 miles wide by 26 miles long and you can drive into town, or canoe to one bar, or the intracoastal.

We had a brilliant idea with our genius camp raccoon who came every night to engineer his way into our food and leave muddy paw prints on our hanging clothes. We gave him 1/8 of a Benadryl in peanut butter and he only came to the camp once that night, then unlike other nights, didn’t rummage any more ’till dawn.


  • The train during the day with cafe and diner. We drove to NYC and took one train to Fla. and one back, which enabled us to arrive in the mornings in a totally different state of mind then a plane trip. As someone said, “planes are for getting places, trains a for the art of travel.” Bad part was “sleeping” in train seats. Next time, one day layovers in a cool town, but still the train if possible. So much more relaxing and sane.
  • Our own secluded beach because we snuck through the dunes by the ranger stations where there’s no parking lots for about 5 miles or big public access, and we could swim naked in the ocean
  • Floating above curious Manatees bumping our canoe in shallow lagoon waters.
  • Low point, bugs. Next time, February break.


Location; Green Island/slippery creek camp site #1:,-80.608261&sspn=0.050816,0.063772&gl=us&g=Cape+Canaveral,+FL&ie=UTF8&ll=28.910963,-80.831223&spn=0.050565,0.063772&z=14

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