My Hippies



The hippies grew up during WWII and the Cold War. As young adults they experienced the Korean war, the civil rights fight and Vietnam. Their America was war torn, conservative and in a lot of ways, rife with fear.

Then in the late 1960s thousands of them spontaneously dropped out of that America and somehow found each other in places like San Francisco. Fear became fun, nuclear mushroom clouds became mushroom trips, work became welfare, and repression became revolution. But by the mid-1970s the energy was fading and they started to drop back in. Or did they?

Who were the hippies? Was it all peace and love? Did their ideology survive? What was it like on Haight Street in 1969? Or on a commune deep in the redwoods? Did they change anything? Did they learn anything?

NOTE ON EXPLICITY MATERIAL: there are a few brief stills of non-sexual, documentary style, frontal nudity of hippies

My Hippies explores the hippie revolution from the personal perspective of a hippie kid whose mother, step father, aunt and uncle all met on San Francisco’s Haight Street in 1969. Still close friends and living in the same town, they share their experiences, pictures, 8mm films, unreleased psychedelic rock music, and thoughts about their wild trip as they face retirement and old age.


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