Presidential Rap

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I was thinking the other day how many kids the president of the US could reach if he recorded a music video. Get big media to produce it for free and distribute free on the Net and in schools. The first rap might be something like this, with shots of the president passionately getting down in his cool locations, but in a suit of course, with a couple of stars backing him up.

I’m the president.
I’m in the cap-it-tal,
The ro-tun-da.
West Wing,
Secret halls,
Oval walls.
I’m here,
I’m there,
I’m everywhere.

I’m not cool
I’m not young
I’m not your kind of fun
(I do have Air Force One!)

I’m the president
The commander in chief
Here me now
Here’s my beef

Stay in school!
Don’t take drugs and drool
If you have kids, be cool
Because you’ll be running the US of A
In the coming day

Help each other
Ask for more
Get a goal
Row for shore
Pester your politicians
Get off the couch
Cross that mote.

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