Happy new year!

Travel Reports

I’m in the woods of NH on a sunny hill top amid quiet with my Uncle, Aunt and Grandma. They all are disabled in one way or another and have banded together to take care of each other so they don’t have to be in resting homes for as long as possible. My grandma is 95 and deaf. My aunt is 58 and retarded. My uncle has been in a wheelchair since he was 17 and is now 66. Grandma had the house and some money. Aunt Cathy cleans, bakes, knits with grandma and takes her to the bathroom and bed. Uncle keeps the books, runs the house, meditates and composes music. He cooks three good meals a day, makes the drinks at 5pm, and gets the movies on Netflicks. The moral this new year for me, being around them, is to stick together and support each other. Keep those addresses of good friends as we move about in life. Try and live closeby. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. And save some money for retirement.

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