Magnificent Desolation


Merry Band

I was in NYC last weekend and caught Tom Hank’s Magnificent Desolation in IMAX 3D at Lincoln Square with Eric. Wolfram.

This was an great film experience for me. The screen was huge, and it was in good 3D with good glasses. I mean there was moon dust being kicked in my face and things being handed to me by astronauts. Hanks recreated parts of the Apollo Missions, with real actors, in space suits on a sound stage and CGed the backgrounds and such. It was a great 40 minutes for me. I’ve read some reviews that place it as fluff for school kids, and I say hey, I’m sort of a school kid, so maybe I’m off here saying it’s good for adults. And anyway what’s wrong with getting kids excited about exploration even if it is like that? And it wasn’t all on the moon, there was some good documentary footage I won’t spoil here and a narrative thread. This quote closed it, very apt, and very old.

“Humanity must rise above the Earth, to the top of the atmosphere and beyond, for only then will we fully understand the world in which we live.”
– Socrates

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