Granny D


Granny D, signs book, Oct 2005 NH

Heard Granny D speak at one of those classic white churches you seem to find in every New England town tonight. This one in Peterborough NH. She was brief so there were other attrations: “Scotland’s world-renowned traditional songster Jean Redpath and New England’s beloved balladeer Gordon Bok,” played. Very professional, talented, sleepy and charming. Ex govenors spoke, leaders of the small universities were amid the usual white audiences at these type of things in these type of towns.

She rasped a great speach at 95 years old. Made me cry and feel good. Poetic fall metaphores amid political change messages delivered in a rolling NH accent sprinkeled with a lilting English drawl. Ended by saying, “what needs to happen in Washinton is us!” and of course with a plug for her website, with as she said “something new” – strange. She’s a hell raiser for sure.

Granny D, signs book, Oct 2005 NH

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