"Wireless Notebook" and Mars Beckons


I woke up this morning and in a groggy state of mind was greeted by this on the kitchen table.

My mine reeled, spun, and then saw the brilliance of someone who saw a need and filled it. Imagine the number of folks watching their favorite stars on TV work on laptops hither and thither and want to do the same!?

And now they can. They can join the ranks of the wireless elite with a wireless notebook that works anywhere, even more places then a real wireless notebook. It does only allow one subject, but hey, it’s much less expensive then a laptop and never runs out of batteries, so you can buy several for several subjects.

Or wait, is this just a notebook that is advertising that it doesn’t use a wire binding? Either way, I’m sure those unable to get a laptop are buying it.

The discoveries on Mars are starting to build steam towards more missions.

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