SpaceShipOne 1X makes it.


SpaceShipOne has landed safely after reaching 62 miles and it’s on the wire services and there’s a story on

The real test is if it can do it again within two weeks and get the 10million X-Prize. Currently an Oct 4th very early morning launch is planned and that would be the one to go to out in the Mojave if you’re into launches.

The X-Prize seems to be heating up the whole private space flight thing, as it is supposed to. This proves yet again the power of doing things, showing actual working proof of concepts, getting dirty and letting your creations do you talking for you.

This week a new 50 million dollar prize was announced.

Virgin Atlantic recently announced “Virgin Galactic” a 100 million dollar project to license SpaceShipOne’s technology and make their own ship for commercial flight to space at an estimated 200K or so a ticket. Cool stuff!

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