Mars Rover Self-Realization Fellowship


Merry Band. The fellowship of the rovers continues with a little time for reflection as the end draws near.

Opportunity is still about halfway down into that cool creator and it just snapped a shot of it’s own shadow: Hi-Res | Caption

NASA is hoping this does not lead to complete self-realization, due to the danger of Opportunity realizing how cool six wheel drive is. This would no doubt lead to the rover ignoring NASA’s carefully orchestrated science schedule in favor of tear-assing down into the creator bottom to do donuts in that cool looking sand.

After more then 200 Martian days Sprit is still kickin’ albeit with only five wheels. It has to drive forward by going backwards sometimes. NASA flight controllers are hoping this does not cause Spirit to get depressed and just stop exploring in favor of using its high gain antenna to watch TV broadcast signals all day.

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