Poem "Sons of Mars"


“Sons of Mars”

By Caleb John Clark


I dropped my son off at school,

Like a drop of clear water in a pool.

Of bully’s angry spit,

Of parent’s little shit.

Perhaps to have a kid on Mars you’ll need more then a beard,

You’ll need to be cleared,

To have a son,

To keep you from doing to him, what his dad done.

You’ll need to pass a test of caring,

And thinking,

And sharing,

And daring.

So angry boys won’t self-destruct.

Teeth gnashing,



Like a Monster truck.

And dark eyed girls won’t implode,

Angry sexed,



In shoes high-heeled towed.

Because youth gets the earth to themselves,

When their parents lie dead on shelves.

And young pairs,

Will spawn unawares.

Making another wrong,

For a rapper’s song.

Off planet it could happen less,

And there’d be not as much mess.

And we can focus more on turning red dust green,

A second home, with less mean.

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