Mars cams/pics


Mars pic: Sort of a coral/shale feeling…coooool

“Right Panoramic Camera Non-linearized Full frame EDR acquired on Sol 13 of Opportunity’s mission to Meridiani Planum at approximately 12:16:16 Mars local solar time, camera commanded to use Filter 1 (179 nm).”

I think this is the same area from the navigation camera

These are from latest Sol13 raw photos

I really wish they had put a camera on the base station, or better yet, ones the rover could drop behind it, so we could see a third person shot of the rover, with a scale, of where it is. Perhaps next time they’ll have disposable, wireless, solar powered little drop cameras to leave like bread crumbs behind it? Maybe they could be self righting with some sort of tripod like device that would use the temperature change during the day to rise up off the ground? with some sort of homing signal on the rover for the camera to focus on. No wait…thinking while typing here…it should just drag along a little camera wherever it goes, with the ability to let it go different distances from the back of the rover using a leash. You’d have to have it be easy to break away if it got caught though.

This would make excellent media, like the Sojourner had (See picture). We need the context of another view to personalize the craft as it explores another world, all alone, far from home…

In this great little video you can see how close their plans are to what is now happening If I had a spare week I’d love to marry the animation with the actual pictures and do a voice over.

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