Moving Back East


I’m moving to Keene New Hampshire December 10th. Wow. I’ve been working on this for a while and it just came together (BTW, I’ve got one seat if anyone needs to get from San Diego to NH before Dec. 16th.) I’ve ready to shake things up and do a stint back in the frozen and beautiful north.

I’ll be teaching at a small experimental high school call “MC2” (Monadnock Community Connections) until the summer. MC2 is located on the campus of Antioch Graduate School’s New England campus in Keene, in South Western NH. I’ll be teaching digital media production and literacy. It’s also a great chance to make some learning materials for teaching media education and work with folks from Antioch’s graduate school in education. Also, full union benefits and OK pay considering vacations.

I substituted there for 4 days last week and it was fun. 34 students, 5 teachers. The schools tag line is “A public school of choice for those wanting a different learning experience,” see: MC2 site, or, their CES listing. The students are mostly those that don’t fit into the standard local high school for one reason or another. Either bored, stifled, having problems, or with parents that wanted them to try something different. It’s very student lead so basically there’s a lot of small group project work. I’ll be helping students do videos, photos, web sites, journalism, internships, etc.

Keene is pretty cool. Historic, well managed, with modern industry. It’s got a 10,000 student college as well.

It’s a trip to even consider leaving California after all this time.

My heart is still in San Francisco. My body in San Diego. My soul in New England.

Long live bi-coastal disorder!

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